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New Books

The Island - June
The Summer Place - June
Every Cloak Rolled in Blood - June
Bloomsbury Girls - June
Marrying the Ketchups - June
Nightwork - June
You Made A Fool of Death With Your Beauty - June
Death of the Black Widow - June
Book of Night - June
Beach House Summer - June
The Homewreckers - June
The Lost Summers of Newport - June
His Name is George Floyd - June
Killing in a Koi Pond (Large Print) - June
All That It Takes (Large Print) - June
The Baxters: A Prequel (Large Print) - June
Country Born (Large Print) - June
Three Debts Paid (Large Print) - June
The Investigator (Large Print) - June
Take Your Breath Away - June
A Rose for the Resistance (Large Print) - June
Married to the Mob Detroit - June
You Just Might Get It - June
Show Me You Still Want It - June
Say He
Training My Heart to Love You - June
Killing the Killers (Large Print) - June
In Bloom (Large Print) - June
Revenge Tour (Large Print) - June
Book Lovers (Large Print) - June
Sparring Partners - June
The Boardwalk Book Shop - June
Sunday at the Sunflower Inn (Large Print) - June
When She Dreams (Large Print) - June
How To Love Your Neighbor (Large Print) - June
A Due, the Spy, an Artist, and a Lie (Large Print) - June
Aunt Dimity and the Enchanted Cottage (Large Print) - June
Cutthroat (Large Print) - June
The Wolf (Large Print) - June
Cold Snap (Large Print) - June
Killer Research (Large Print) - June
A Brush with Murder (Large Print) - June
Summer at the Cape (Large Print) - June
Deadliest Intuition - June
Countdown to Midnight - June
By the Book - June
Summer Love (Large Print) - June
Dark Night in Big Rock (Large Print) - June
Ride for Justice, Ride for Revenge (Large Print) - June
Grant Writing for Dummies - June
Manipulation - June
Daughter of a Queen Pin - June
Ghost of the Murder Mamas - June
Jilted - June
Never Again, No More 6: Karma
My Heart Beats For You - June
Never Again, No More 3: Karma
Rich Wives Association - June
Finessed a Dope Boy
Business Not As Usual - June
Two Nights in Lisbon - June
Meant to Be - June
Something Wilder - June
The Club - June
Book Lovers - June
James Patterson - June
Dark Angel (Large Print) - June
A Man of Legend (Large Print) - June
The Sweet Goodbye(Large Print) - June
Gun Law at Laramie (Large Print) - June
Love in Plain Sight (Large Print) - June
Mulberry Hollow (Large Print) - June
Dark Embers at Dawn (Large Print) - June
What Matters Most (Large Print) - June
Saving Yellowstone (Large Print) - June
Free (Large Print) - June
Murder at Queen
Easter Bonnet Murder (Large Print) - June
White Knight Needed (Large Print) - June
An Honest Lie (Large Print) - June
Man of Clay (Large Print) - June
Sierra Six (Large Print) - June
South of the Buttonwood Tree (Large Print) - June
The Last Grand Duchess (Large Print) - June
The Hotel Nantucket (Large Print) - June
My Wife is Missing (Large Print)- June
The Do-Over (Large Print)- June
The Royal Secret (Large Print)- June
The Wedding Crasher (Large Print)- June
Sand Dollar Lane (Large Print)- June
The Return of the Pharaoh (Large Print)- June
Ghost Blows a Kiss (Large Print)- June
Shadow Fire (Large Print)- June
The Duke Gone Rogue (Large Print)-June
Zero Hour (Large Print)- June
The Darling Dahlias and The Red Hot Poker (Large Print)- June