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New Books

The First Rule of Mastery - March
The Encyclopedia of Cut Flowers - March
Good Half Gone - April
Fatal First Edition (LP) - March
Brooklyn - March
After Annie (LP) - April
The Black Box - April
Still See You Everywhere - April
The Rock (LP) - April
Double Lives - April
The Many Lives of Mama Love - April
The #1 Lawyer - April
Homeschool Rising - April
Uncanny Vows (LP) - March
Mockingbird Summer (LP) - April
The House of Broken Bricks - April
The Occupational Outlook Handbook (Ref) - April
Every Single Secret (LP) - March
The Chaos Agent - March
Forbidden Nights with a Paramedic - April
Murder by Degrees (LP) - April
Intrigue in Istanbul (LP) - April
Cold Threat (LP) - March
Better Hate than Never (LP) - April
The Merchant
Powder River (LP) - March
The Summer Book Club (LP) - March
The Silence in Her Eyes (LP) - April
The New Couple in 5B (LP) - March
Counting the Cost - April
Everyone is Watching (LP) - April
Missing Persons (LP) - March
Leave No Trace - April
A Newlywed
The Truth About the Devlins (LP) - April
Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter? - April
The Game is a Footnote (LP) - April
An Inconvenient Wife - April
Two Wrongs Make a Right (LP) - March
The Longmire Defense - March
The College Student
Secret Remains (LP) - April
After Annie - March
How to Walk Into a Room - April
Kingpins: Penthouse View - March
A Traitor in Whitehall (LP) - April
Watch Where They Hide - April
Restore Your Life from Chronic Pain - March
Everyone Is Watching - April
Bullets over the Border (LP) - March
Rock Bottom (LP) - April
Where Butterflies Wander (LP) - April
Saving Emma (LP) - April
Force of Nature - March
Murder Road - March
The First Day of Eternity (LP) - April
The Grave Singer (LP) - April
Silent Judgement - March
The Covenant (LP) - April
One Last Shot (LP) - April
Three-Inch Teeth - March
Live Richer Now - March
When the Jessamine Grows (LP) - March
A Court of Mist and Fury (LP) - April
Kiss the Girl (LP) - April
Front Sight - April
Butter Soft - April
The #1 Lawyer (LP) - April
The Paleontologist (LP) - March
The Ghost Orchid (LP) - April
Upside Down (LP) - April
What Harms You (LP) - April
Promise Kept - April
The Bookbinder
The Inmate - April
Out of the Far North (LP) - March
The House of Hidden Meanings - March
Medgar & Myrlie - April
Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2023 (LP) - April
A Court of Thorns and Roses (LP) - March
The Phoenix Crow - March
The Cure for Burnout - March
Everything Left to Remember (LP) - April
Mine - March
The Truth About the Devlins - April
Chain-Gang All-Stars - March
Meadow Falls (LP) - April
Carl Weber
Toxic Prey - April
An Inconvenient Letter - March
The Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2022 - March
Finding Sophie - April
No Reserve - March
The Guest - March
These Tangled Threads - April
Deceitful Vows - April
I Could Be Wrong - April
Dysfunction Junction (LP) - April
Curves for Days (LP) - April
Night Watching (LP) - April
Baby X - March
What the Bears Know (LP) - March
Fatal Witness (LP) - March
One Final Shot - April
The Trail of Lost Hearts (LP) - April
Three Kinds of Lucky - March
Love, Unscripted (LP) - April
Life: My Story Through History - April
The Guest (LP) - March
Simply the Best - April
Invisible Generals (LP) - April
A Need for Violence (LP) - March
Old Haunts (LP) - March
Elevate and Dominate - April
The Dog Across the Lake - March
The Hunter - March
Never Too Late (LP) - April
An American Doctor in Ireland - April
Sparks Fly With the Single Dad - March
One Wrong Move (LP) - March
James - April
An ER Nurse to Redeem Him - April
A Sign of Her Own (LP) - March
Three-Inch Teeth (LP) - March
Frontier Want Ad Bride (LP) - March
Fantasy Island - April
Valley of the Kings (LP) - April
All That is Hidden - March
Heart Like a Cowboy - March
Dear Black Girls - March
Never Too Late - April
The Duke
The Women (LP) - March
Uphill Both Ways (LP) - March
Murder in the Tea Leaves (LP) - April
End of Story - March
Listen for the Lie - March
The Hive - April
By the Book - March
Front Sight (LP) - March
The Divine Proverb of Streusel (LP) - April
The Breakup Tour (LP) - April
Day One - April
Expiration Dates (LP) - April
Wanted Dead or Alive (LP) - April
The Lantern
The Foxhole Victory Tour (LP) - March
You Make Me Feel - March
The Family Business 6 - March
The Wild Side (LP) - April
Good Half Gone  (LP) - April
Technically Yours (LP) - April
Death of a Spy (LP) - March
The Uncharted Flight of Olivia West (LP) - March
The Last Close Call (LP) - March
No Better Time - March
Anita de Monte Laughs Last (LP) - March
Keep Your Friends Close - March