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New Books

A Murder Most French (LP) - June
The Algebra of Wealth - June
The Rom-Commers (LP) - July
The Loyal Wife - July
Control - June
Birds Aren
What a Fool Believes - June
This Summer Will Be Different - June
The Complete Book of Coffee - July
Never Wager with a Wallflower (LP) - July
Act of Defiance (LP) - June
Our Little Secret - July
Swift River - June
Zero Option (LP) - July
Fitz (LP) - July
That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Human - July
Camino Ghosts (LP) - July
The Proposal Plot (LP) - July
Lenny Marks Gets Away with Murder - July
Investigating America
All the Colors of Dark - June
The Deepest Kill (LP) - June
The Most Fun We Ever Had - July
Love Letters to a Serial Killer - July
Some Murders in Berlin (LP) - July
The Song of Sourwood Mountain (LP) - June
Westport (LP) - June
The Singularity is Nearer - July
Incidents Around the House - July
The New Menopause - June
The Women of the American Revolution Vol 1 & 2 - June
Crossing the Desert - July
The Anxious Generation - June
Murder By Lamplight (LP) - June
One Last Chance (LP) - July
The Song of Sourwood Mountain - June
Happy Families - July
Murder in Rose Hill (LP) - June
Power Moves - June
In The Hour Of Crows (LP) - July
The Battle of Musgrove
The Summer Pact - July
Eruption - July
Tall Trouble in Terlingua (LP) - June
Staying Healthy When You Travel - June
Things Don
Amish Love Letter (LP) - June
All the Colors of the Dark - July
Winter Flight (LP) - July
Molds, Mushrooms, and Medicine - July
Murder in a Cup (LP) - July
For The Love Of Summer (LP) - June
The 24th Hour - June
The Wayward Prince (LP) - July
The Housemaid - June
The Year of What If (LP) - July
A Killing on the Hill - June
Day Trading Attention - July
The Wives (LP) - June
The Guncle Abroad (LP) - July
The Ribbon (LP) - July
Dead Against Her (LP) - June
A Fate Inked in Blood (LP) - July
All the Glimmering Stars (LP) - June
Now or Never - July
A Botanist
Look at the Bright Side - July
Frostbite - July
Wild Heart
Table for Two - June
The American Daughters (LP) - July
Dry Road to Nowhere (LP) - June
The Black Family
The Hudson Collection (LP) - July
Man Hunt (LP) - June
15 Summers Later - July
Bitter and Sweet - June
This Spells Love (LP) - July
Big Trouble on Sullivan
The Last Time She Saw Him - June
Swan Song (LP)  - July
Our Kind of Game - July
Jack Girlz - July
Farewell, Amethystine - July
The Women of the American Revolution Vol 2 - June
Life, Loss, and Puffins (LP) - June
Dogland (LP) - July
The Midnight Feast - June
Not In Love (LP) - July
The Women of the American Revolution Vol 1 - June
Smolder (LP) - June
Murder at an Irish Chipper (LP) - July
Husbands & Lovers - July
The Song of Sourwood Mountain - July
Mind Games - June
Murder in Masquerade (LP) - July
Invisible Labor - July
Shanghai (LP) - July
The Housemaid is Watching - June
Wasps of the World - July
Curvy Girl Summer - June
Bruce Willis - July
Flashback (LP) - July
The Housemaid is Watching - July
Lights, Camera, Bones (LP) - July
The Housemaid is Watching - June
Mind Games (LP) - June
Flash Back - July
ADHD is Awesome - June
Wood-Fired Pizza - July
A Happier Life - July
Get Honest or Die Lying - July
The Paris Widow - July
A Death in Cornwall - July
The Seaside Sisters - June
49 Miles Alone - July
A Run at Love (LP) - June
The Summer We Started Over (LP) - June
The Paradise Problem - June
Flashpoint (LP) - July
Swan Song - July
Our Little Secret (LP) - July
The Other Side of the Pillow - June
The Berlin Letters (LP) - July
The Wild Lavender Bookshop (LP) - July
Deeper Than Love - June
Hunt on Dark Waters (LP) - July
The Promise of Tomorrow (LP) - June
The Longest Day - June
One Perfect Couple (LP) - June
The Paradise Problem (LP) - July
The Sugar Baron
Beyond Summerland (LP) - July
The Last to Pie (LP) - July
Frogs of the World - July
Last Chance Gulch (LP) - July
The Roads We Follow (LP) - June
The Art and Science of Connection - June
All That Is Secret (LP) - July
Smolder - July
You Could Make This Place Beautiful (LP) - June
Look on the Bright Side (LP) - July
The Instruments of Darkness (LP) - June
The Killer
Birds Aren
You Like It Darker (LP) - June
Hip-Hop is History - June
Chasing Endless Summers (LP) - July
To Slip the Bonds of Earth (LP) - June
Hawks of Autumn (LP) - July
Long Island - June
Missing White Women - July
The Moment - July
Hot Lead (LP) - June
The Glassmaker (LP) - July
Middle of the Night - June
The Housemaid
It Had To Be You - June
A Court of Wings and Ruin (LP) - July
In Sunshine or In Shadow (LP) - June
Suddenly a Frontier Father (LP) - June
Clete (LP) - July
The American Revolution - June
The Lost Story - July
Eruption (LP) - July