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New Books

Whipped: The Beginning - December
Flying Angels - December
Fear No Evil - December
The Midnight Lock - December
The Devil
The Joy and Light Bus Company (Large Print) - December
A Little Christmas Spirit (Large Print) - December
Once a Laird (Large Print) - December
Keep Me Warm At Christmas (Large Print) - December
The Matzah Ball (Large Print) - December
Mercy (Large Print) - December
The Christmas Promise - December
Over My Dead Body - December
Game On - December
Oh William - December
The Unheard - December
The Sentence - December
Never - December
Crossroads - December
Sleigh Bells Ring - December
The Family - December
The Complete Guide to the National Parks of The USA - December
Playing with Fire - December
1000 Perfect Weekends - December
Best Road Trips in the USA - December
Dark Hours - December
We Know You Remember - December
Santa Cruise - December
Renegades: Born in the USA - December
Autopsy - December
Flying Angels - December
Midnight Lock - December
These Silent Woods - December
Wish You Were Here - December
Provenance (Large Print) - December
Crosshairs (Large Print) - December
Riverbend Gap (Large Print) - December
Big Little Spies (Large Print) - December
The Vanishing Museum on the Rue Mistral (Large Print) - December
Hidden (Large Print) - December
Oh William! (Large Print) - December
Wait for It (Large Print) - December
Fox Crossing (Large Print) - December
Dark Intercept (Large Print) - December
The Dime Novelist (Large Print) - December
The Nameless Ones (Large Print) - December
Mistletoe Miracles (Large Print) - December
The Noel Letters (Large Print) - December
To the River
The Midnight Lock (Large Print) - December
Nighthawking (Large Print) - December
Tender is the Bite (Large Print) - December
The Becoming (Large Print) - December
Someone Perfect (Large Print) - December
Scarred Vessels (Large Print) - December
Wish You Were Here (Large Print) - December
There is a Season (Large Print) - December
Do I Know You? - December
The Wicked Widow - December
Wish You Were Here - December
Unrequited Infatuation - December
Rogue Asset - December
Autopsy - December
Rouge Asset (Large Print) - December
Foul Play (Large Print) - December
Autopsy (Large Print) - December
The Judge
Dear Santa (Large Print) - December
Fear No Evil (Large Print) - December
The Butler (Large Print) - December
A Love Like This - December
The Santa Suit - December
The Fortune Men - December
Claimed - January
Dinner on Primrose Hill - January
The Defense Lawyer - January
Kingpins Snitch - January
Never Again, No More, Game Over 5 - January
The Shadows of Men - January
The Hostile Hills - January
Doom Trail - January
This Will All Be Over Soon - January
Piglet: The Unexpected Story of a Deaf Blind Pink Puppy and his Family - January
Showdown - January
The East End - January
Crossroads - January
The Christmas Escape (Large Print) - January
Everything We Didn
The Island (Large Print) - January
Just Haven
The Secret of Snow (Large Print) - January
When I Found You (Large Print) - January
Mimi Lee Cracks the Code (Large Print) - January
Shiloh (Large Print) - January
Home Sweet {Tiny} Home (Large Print) - January
Trace of Doubt (Large Print) - January
In Maine: Essays on Life
Saving Mrs. Roosevelt (Large Print) - January
Beneath the Seams (Large Print) - January
Chasing Shadows (Large Print) - January
Hadley & Grace (Large Print) - January
The Zombies of Zapata (Large Print) - January
Murder Most Fair (Large Print) - January
How To Stitch an American Dream (Large Print) - January
The Burning (Large Print) - January
Better Off Dead (Large Print) - January
The Family - January
The Paper Palace - January
The Wicked Widow - January
Bullets for Mulvane (Large Print) - January
Home Remedy (Large Print) - January
When the Missouri Ran Red (Large Print) - January
The Trainwerckers (Large Print) - January
The Hope Chest (Large Print) - January
A Man of Honor (Large Print) - January
Her New Story (Large Print) - January
The Paris Detective - January
Call Us What We Carry - January
Couples Wanted - January
The Defense Lawyer - January
The Replacement Wife - January
The Maid - January
A Thousand Steps - January
Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone - January
Microsoft Word for Dummies - January
MCAT Workout - January
ACT Premium Prep - January
Declutter Like a Mother - January
A Thug
Wait For It - January
Reckless Girls - January
Silent Parade - January
The Shattering - January
The Cause - January
Brothers and Wives - January
Autism and the Power of Music - January
The Summer Cottage - January
Power and Liberty - January