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New Books

The Paradise Problem - June
The Murder Inn - May
Where the Dead Wait - May
Upstate Hustle - May
Eyes of Eagles - May
Dead Against Her (LP) - June
Table for Two - June
Guns of the Vigilantes - May
Extinction (LP) - May
Dark Night of the Mountain Man - May
Hip-Hop is History - June
A Rambling Man - May
Swans of Harlem - May
Wild Heart
Pregnant by a Down South Millionaire 2 - May
The Heist (LP) - May
Summer Reading - May
Hot Lead (LP) - June
Jess Roundtree, Texas Ranger - May
The Promise of Tomorrow (LP) - June
A Murder Most French (LP) - June
The New Menopause - June
Dry Road to Nowhere (LP) - June
You Could Make This Place Beautiful (LP) - June
Retire by 30 - May
Miss Morgan
Desolation Creek - May
All We Were Promised - May
ADHD is Awesome - June
Supernatural Transportation - May
The Philadelphia Heiress - May
Smolder (LP) - June
Life, Loss, and Puffins (LP) - June
Cape Rage - May
For The Love Of Summer (LP) - June
The Battle of Musgrove
Tall Trouble in Terlingua (LP) - June
The Museum of Lost Quilts - May
Killers Never Sleep - May
How to Plot a Payback (LP) - May
The Lonesome Gun - May
Satin & Stone - May
A Millionaire and a Project Chick 3 - May
Better than Good - May
Massacre Canyon - May
Turtles of North America - May
Losing Spring - May
Mind Games - June
Familia - May
The Summer We Started Over (LP) - June
The Anxious Generation - June
This Summer Will Be Different - June
The Jensen Dynasty - May
Murder She Wrote 57: Fit for Murder (LP) - May
A Millionaire and a Project Chick 2 - May
In Love with a 9th Ward Savage - May
Toxic Prey (LP) - May
Irish Milkshake Murders (LP) - May
The Wife Between Us  - May
Real G
Riding the Nightmare - May
Slaughter at Wolf Creek - May
Summer at the Saint (LP) - May
Delia and the Drifter (LP) - May
An Unfinished Murder (LP) - May
Imma Die Bout Mine 2 - May
Birds Aren
High Wild Desert - May
Speculations in Sin - May
Summer at the Saint - May
The Lady with Dark Hair (LP) - May
The Women of the American Revolution Vol 1 - June
The Busy Body - May
The 24th Hour - June
The Sugar Baron
The Last Days of Lilah Goodluck - May
Imma Die Bout Mine 3 - May
Suddenly a Frontier Father (LP) - June
The Lost Letters from Martha
Amish Love Letter (LP) - June
Pay Dirt - May
The Roads We Follow (LP) - June
A Gamble at Sunset - May
Forget Me Never (LP) - May
Feline Fatale (LP) - May
The Algebra of Wealth - June
Call Center Freak - May
Birds Aren
Settling His Hash - May
If You Cross Me Once 2 - May
Curvy Girl Summer - June
All the Colors of Dark - June
Not My Son - May
Independence Trail (LP) - May
One Perfect Couple (LP) - June
The Frontier Overland Company - May
Pregnant by a Down South Millionaire - May
Man Hunt (LP) - June
Outlaw Town - May
All My Secrets (LP) - May
What Cannot Be Said (LP) - May
You Like It Darker - May
The Secret Recipe of Ella Dove (LP) - May
Her Lessons in Persuasion (LP) - May
You Like It Darker (LP) - June
If You Cross Me Once 3 - May
The Menopause Brain (LP) - May
One Perfect Couple - May
Home is Where the Bodies Are - May
You Never Know - May
The Return of Ellie Black - May
One of Us Knows - May
Deeper Than Love - June
Duke Seeks Bride (LP) - May
The Richest Man in Babylon - May
Grown Woman Talk - May
Murder By Lamplight (LP) - June
Poverty for Profit - May
Secrets of a Scottish Isle - May
The Longest Day - June
The Other Side of the Pillow - June
A Fatal Inheritance - May
Mind Games (LP) - June
Sandcastle Inn - May
Staying Healthy When You Travel - June
The Jensens of Colorado - May
Swift River - June
The American Revolution - June
Magic Pill - May
All the Glimmering Stars (LP) - June
The Blue Diamond (LP) - May
Mostly What God Does - May
Very Bad Company - May
Treating Violence - May
The Instruments of Darkness (LP) - June
A Millionaire and a Project Chick - May
The Wives (LP) - June
Lone Oaks Crossing (LP) - May
To Slip the Bonds of Earth (LP) - June
Murder in Rose Hill (LP) - June
Never Let Them See You Bleed - May
The Housemaid is Watching - June
A Calamity of Souls - May
The Women of the American Revolution Vol 2 - June
The Women of the American Revolution Vol 1 & 2 - June
The Deepest Kill (LP) - June
Confessions of a Female Narcissist - May
Power Moves - June
Paradise Prairie - May
Circle in the Water (LP) - May
Imma Die Bout Mine - May
A Run at Love (LP) - June
Pregnant by a Down South Millionaire 3 - May
Becoming the Connect With My First Love - May
The Women - May
Save it for Sunday - May
The Song of Sourwood Mountain (LP) - June
What a Fool Believes - June
Beautiful Lies and Ugly Truths - May
The French Ingredient (LP) - May