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New Books

Hot Pot Murder - November
Thank You ( Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - November
The Paris Deception - November
Survival of the Thickest - November
Into the Fire - November
The Traitor Among Us (Large Print) - November
A Wish for Christmas - November
The Other Year - November
Alex Cross Must Die (LP) - December
Let Us Descend - November
The Manor House - December
Judgement Prey (Large Print) - November
The Ball at Versailles - December
The Scavengers - November
The Burnout - December
Teddy and Booker T. - December
Romney: A Reckoning - November
Happiness - November
The Twelve Months of Christmas - November
Bookshop Cinderella - November
Blood on Their Hands - November
Dirty 30 - November
The Bill Gates Problem - December
Santa & Company (Large Print) - November
Bright Lights, Big Christmas (Large Print) - November
Touched -November
The Edge (LP) - December
Christmas at the Lake - November
The Armor of Light (Large Print) - November
The Exchange - November
Murder by Invitation Only - November
The Dress Diary - November
The Legacy of Longdale Manor - November
What We Kept To Ourselves - December
Flop Dead Gorgeous (Large Print) - November
The Invisible Hour - November
The Fragile Threads - December
A Troubling Tail - November
Kasey & Kameron: Daughters of a Dope Fiend - November
Out There Screaming - December
Hidden Potential - December
The Corsican Shadow - November
Hercule Poirot
The List - December
Trail Town Marshal - November
The Burnout - November
A Christmas to Remember - November
Right Behind Her - November
A Christmas Vanishing - December
Bald Eagles, Bear Cubs, and Hermit Bill - November
Magic - November
A Section 8 Chick & A Philly Millionaire - November
Dark Memory - November
You Make it Feel Like Christmas - November
The Exchange - December
Resurrection Walk - December
The Gun Wolves - November
Preventing Senior Moments - November
Obsession - December
23 1/2 Lies - November
Unnatural Death (LP) - December
Fifty Shades of Snow 1 - November
Against the Death Penalty - November
The Summer of Songbirds - November
Mrs. Plansky
The Reformatory - November
The Handy Supreme Court Answer Book - November
Absolution - November
Bright Young Women - November
Africa Risen - November
West with Giraffes - November
The Bridesmaids - November
Fifty Shades of Snow 2 - November
Watching Over You - November
Christmas in Painted Pony Creek - December
Blood Lines - December
The Black Diamond Cartel - November
Damaged but not Destroyed - November
Murder at the Merton Library - November
While You Were Out - November
How to Know a Person - November
Let It Crow! Let It Crow! Let It Crow! - December
Mother-Daughter Murder Night - November
In Thug Love With a Chi-Town Millionaire 1 - November
Being Henry - December
Girls from the Hood 15 - November
12 Months to Live - November
Coleman Hill - November
Murder in Drury Lane - November
The Family Bucket List - November
The Spy Coast - December
Tupac Shakur: The Authorized Biography - November
The Paris Assignment - November
Moving Forward - December
The Front Porch Club - November
Dirty Thirty - December
New Leash on Life - November
Sisters under the Rising Sun - November
Class - December
Know What Matters - December
Trail of the Bear - November
Christmas Presents - November
One Last Kill - November
Being Henry: The Fonz... and Beyond - November
The Death of Us - November
Thicker than Water - November
From a Faraway Lovely Country - December
The Murder of Mr. Wickham (Large Print) - November
Fifty shades of Snow 3 - November
Shadowed Loyalty - November
Unleashed Holiday - December
Beyond Wounded Hearts - November
Alex Cross Must Die - December
The Last Exchange - November
A Good Family - November
The Twelve Books of Christmas - November
Traitors Gate (Large Print) - November