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New Books

The House of Eve- February
Carl Weber
Still Broke (Non-fiction)- February
Secrets of the Titanic: The Truth about the Tragedy - March
Never Never - March
Mothered - March
Marked at Birth (Urban) - March
Fall Guy - March
Own Your Morning (Non-Fiction) - March
The Key to My Heart (Large Print) - February
Around the Way Girls 12 (Urban Fiction)- February
The Nothing Man - February
CNA Study Guide 2021-2022 (Non-Fiction)- February
You Never Know - March
The People
The Bullet Garden- February
The Arrowhead Cattle Company (Large Print, Non-fiction) - March
The Great Money Reset (Non-Fiction)- February
Killer Cupid - March
The Golden Spoon (Large Print) - March
Eyewitness: Titanic (Juvenile)- March
Locust Lane- February
We Lie Here (Large Print) - March
The Twyford Code- February
Showdown at Julesburg Station (Large Print) - February
A Good Dog
Helping Your Anxious Child (Non-Fiction)- February
Wade in the Water- (African American)- February
The World Played Chess (Large Print) - March
Recovery Road (Large Print) - March
Saying It Loud: 1966 (Non-Fiction)- February
Just the Nicest Couple (Large Print)- February
Signal Fires (Large Print) - March
Family Business 6 (Urban) - March
The Love Wager - March
Murder at Black Oaks (Large Print) - February
The Great Hunt (Fantasy)- February
Everything I Never Dreamed (Large Print, Biography) - February
The Secrets We Share (Large Print)- February
Trail of Blood and Bones (Large Print) - March
Full Figured 18 (Urban) - March
Ms. Demeanor- February
Good Housekeeping One-Pot Magic (Non-Fiction) - March
Desperate Ride (Large Print) - March
Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous (Large Print) - March
Storm Watch - March
What Meets the Eye- February
You Are My Sunshine (Large Print, Non-Fiction) - March
The Karate Kid and Me (Large Print, Biography) - March
The Mitford Affair (Large Print)- February
Heirlooms (Large Print) - February
The Favor (Large Print) - March
The Pirate
A Few Days Full of Trouble (Non-Fiction)- February
The Dangerous Energy (Urban)- February
Tick Tock (Large Print)- February
Four Days on the Titanic (Juvenile)- March
More Than You
Hell Bent- February
Wicked Dreams (Large Print) - February
Unnatural History - February
The House at the End of the World- February
The Maid
LSAT Logic Games Prep 2023 (Non-Fiction)- February
Beach House Summer (Large Print) - March
Paperback Jack - March
Concrete Evidence (Large Print) - February
The Body Keeps Score (Non-Fiction)- February
Beach Wedding- February
One Hundred and Sixty Minutes: The Race to Save the RMS Titanic-March
How to Sell a Haunted House- February
What Have We Done - March
Wild Rain (Large Print) - March
Restoration of Celia Fairchild (Large Print)- February
8 Rules of Love (Non-Fiction) - February
Encore in Death - February
Weyward - March
The Beginner
The Love You Save (Non-Fiction) - March
The Sister
3 Days to Live- February
Hands Down - March
Fort Misery (Large Print) - February
The Pirate
Coming Home (Large Print)- February
Westbound : The Battling Harrigans of the Frontier (Large Print) - March
Someone Else
Hell Bent (Large Print)- February
When I First Held You- February
The Complete Guide to Reflexology (Non-Fiction)- February
Created Equal (Non-Fiction)- February
A Killing of Innocents - March
Danger Valley (Large Print) - February
The Courtship Plan (Large Print) - March
Maame (Large Print)- February
Watermelon and Red Birds (Non-Fiction) - March
Who Do I Run to Now? (Urban Fiction)- February
Perfectly Placed (Large Print)- February
The Sister Effect - March
The Bullet Garden (Large Print) - March
The Bachelor (Large Print) - February
Murder at Mallowan Hall (Large Print) - February
Wedding Season (Large Print) - February
Murder, She Wrote: Killer on the Court (Large Print) - March
Son of Man: Retelling the Stories of Jesus (Large Print, Non-Fiction) - March
A Trace of Poison (Large Print) - March
The Light Pirate- February
Iced (Large Print) - March
Exiles- February
Piece by Piece (Large Print)- February
Maame- February
Such a Beautiful Family- February
The Brighter the Light - March
The House at the End of the World (Large Print)- February
Dismal River (Large Print) - February
Coffee Self-Talk (Non-Fiction) - March
Twice in a Lifetime- February
Master Slave Husband Wife (Biography)- February
Everybody Ain
One Last Secret- February
The Forever Farmhouse (Large Print)- February
Someone Else
Straight Shooter- February
The Devil
Every Man a King - March
Elizabeth Taylor (Biography)- February
Tainted (Urban) - March
Age of Vice- February
Steeped in Secrets (Large Print) - March
Entrepreneurship for dummies (Non-Fiction)- February
The Mitford Secret (Large Print) - March
Encore in Death (Large Print)- February
The Moment I Met You - March
The Bluebird Bakery (Large Print) - March
A Mother Would Know- February
Unnatural History (Large Print) - March
The Night Travelers (Large Print) - February
What Lies in the Woods- February
Worthy Opponents - March
Two Weeks Notice (Non-Fiction) - March
I Will Find You - March
All the Dangerous Things- February
Same Time, Same Place (Large Print) - March
The Sister Effect (Large Print) - March
Where I Left Her- February
The Promise of Easter - March
Code Name Sapphire (Large Print)- February
Disaster at the Vendome Theater (Large Print)- February
The House in the Pines- February
Maybe Now (Large Print)- February
Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Large Print) - March
Sinkable: Obsession, The Deep Sea, and the Shipwreck of the Titanic - March
When It Falls Apart (Large Print) - February
Sleep No More (Large Print)- February
Bone Canyon (Large Print) - February
River Sing Me Home- February
The Florence Legacy (Large Print) - March
Lessons in Chemistry - March
Loathe to Love You (Large Print) - March
Other Miss Bridgerton- February