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The Chester County Library System is closed on Sundays. Our Online Library is always open!

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New Books

The Girl Who Survived (Large Print)- October
Fort Apache (Large Print)- October
Kill Red (Large Print)- October
What She Found (Large Print)- October
The Lonely Law (Large Print)- October
Aventurine and the Reckoning (Large Print)- October
Free Fall (Large Print)- October
Beneath the Bending Skies (Large Print)- October
Love the Dream Come True (Large Print)- October
Think Like a Horse (Large Print)- October
Listen to Me (Large Print)- October
Love on the Brain (Large Print)- October
Where the Sky Begins (Large Print)- October
Thrill of the Hunt (Large Print)- October
We Never Die (Large Print)- October
Harvest Moon (Large Print)- October
Live, Local, and Dead (Large Print)- October
Escape From Amsterdam (Large Print)- October
Built with Love (Large Print)- October
Fierce Poison (Large Print)- October
Illustrated Black History- October
Women Evolve-October
Killing the Legends- October
Fox Creek- October
The Butcher and the Wren- October
Scenes From My Life: A Memoir- October
The One You Want- October
Peg and Rose Solve a Murder (Large Print)- October
American Royalty- October
Kingpins: Queens Part 1- October
The Set Up- October
Long Shadows- October
Before I Do- October
The High Notes- October
The Furies- October
The Maze- October
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Large Print)- October
The Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas (Large Print)- October
The High Notes (Large Print)- October
Treasure State (Large Print)- October
Murder on an Irish Farm (Large Print)- October
The Teacher of Warsaw (Large Print)- October
Monkey in the Middle (Large Print)- October
Righteous Prey (Large Print)- October
Mad Honey (Large Print)- October
Distant Thunder (Large Print)- October
Home Sweet Christmas (Large Print)- October
A Truth to Lie For (Large Print)- October
The Goodbye Coast (Large Print)- October
Killing the Legends (Large Print)- November
The Christmas Spirit (Large Print)- November
Clever Cookie Cutter - November
Discipline is Destiny- November
Sparks Like Stars- November
Any Where You Run- November
Full Figured- November
I Didn
Behind Her Lives- November
The Frederick Sisters are Living the Dream- November
Snowed in for Christmas- November
The Girl in the Castle- November
Livid- November
No Plan B- November
The Boys from Biloxi- November
The Couple at the Table- November
Racing the Light- November
Triple Cross-November
The Winners (Large Print)- November
The Christmas Spirit (Large Print)- November
The Maze (Large Print)- November
Falling Stars (Large Print)- November
Wrong Place, Wrong Time- November
Paul Newman: The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man- November
Pumpkin Crafting- November
The Plot and the Pendulum- November
The Christmas Hummingbird- November
The Prisoner- November
Barkley: A Biography- November
Someday, Maybe- November
Thief of Fate- November
We are the Light- November
The Family Game-November
Going Rogue- November
Thug for Life (Urban)- November
Trust- November
Stack Before You Splurge (Urban)- November
Stained Cotton (Urban)- November
Dark Whisper (Large Print)- November
The Roughest Draft (Large Print)- November
Mr. Perfect on Paper (Large Print)- November
Mistletoe Season (Large Print)- November
Boldly Go (Large Print)- November
Other Birds (Large Print)- November
A Valiant Deceit (Large Print)- November
Mean and Evil (Large Print)- November
Happier Hour (Large Print)- November
Murder at the Serpentine Bridge (Large Print)- November
Celestine (Large Print)- November
Critical Alliance (Large Print)- November
By Way of Deception (Large Print)- November
The Best Friend (Large Print)- November
The Duke Not Taken (Large Print)- November
Drunk on Love (Large Print)- November
Body of Evidence (Large Print)- November
Range Boss (Large Print)- November
Oath of Loyalty (Large Print)- November
Lucy By the Sea (Large Print)- November
Trouble Times Two (Large Print)- November
Righteous Prey (Large Print)- November
The Maid of the Mountain (Large Print)- November
To Win a Prince (Large Print)- November
Murder was the Case (Urban)- November
Love Knows No Boundaries (Urban)- November
A Sweet Lowcountry Proposal- November
Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six- November
Desert Star- November
Getting Permission- November
Triple Cross(Large Print)- November
Livid (Large Print)- November
The Story of Love- November
The Journey to Deliverance: Down These Streets Alone- November
The Upper Room- November
Women Lie, Men Lie (Urban)- November
Women Lie, Men Lie Part 2 (Urban)- November
Women Lie, Men Lie Part 3 (Urban)- November
Girls Fall Like Dominoes (Urban)- November
Babe Please Come Home to Me (Urban)- November
The Island of Missing Trees- November
The Dictionary of Lost Words- November
True Biz- November
Honor- November
Confess- November
Maybe Now- November
Regretting You- November
Finding Perfect- November
And Then There Were None- November
All Your Perfects- November
Maybe Someday- November
Ugly Love-November
The Secret of Bow Lane- November
A Bride
In the Middle of Hickory Lane- November
Cake That!- November
The Secret Place- November
The Perfect Assassin- November
The Light We Carry- November
Hold You Down- November
Every Mother
Bright Burning Things (Large Print)- November
The Last House on Needless Street (Large Print)- November
Driftwood Dreams (Large Print)- November
The Walnut Creek Wish (Large Print)- November
Along the Rio Grande (Large Print)- November
A Midnight Dance (Large Print)- November
Next in Line (Large Print)- November
Going Rogue: Rise and Shine Twenty Nine- November
Dawnlands- November
Thief of Fate- November
Drunk on a Thug
Drunk on a Thug
Loyalty is What I Asked For (Urban)- November
Married to a Down South Don (Urban)- November
Married to a Down South Don 2 (Urban)- November
Married to a Down South Don 3 (Urban)- November
It Ends With Us- November
It Starts With Us- November
The Sea Wolves (Large Print)- December
A Christmas Memory- December
Taking Down a Boss (Urban)- December
The Wishing Quilt (Large Print)- December
It Starts with Us (Large Print)- December
The Blackbriar Genesis (Large Print)- December
Racing the Light (Large Print)- December
How Snowball Stone Christmas (Large Print)- December
A Yuletide Kiss (Large Print)- December
God Forgives, the Streets Don
God Forgives, the Streets Don
Every Rich Man Deserves a Loyal Wife (Urban)- December
Every Rich Man Deserves a Loyal Wife 2 (Urban)- December
Low Key Creepin with a Hood Billionaire (Urban)- December
Low Key Creepin with a Hood Billionaire 2 (Urban)- December
Low Key Creepin with a Hood Billionaire 3 (Urban)- December
The King of the South 2 (Urban)- December
Dashing Through the Snowbirds (Large Print)- December
The Atlas Paradox (Large Print)- December