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New Books

The Last Sinner - September
Good Bad Girl - September
The Birth of a Gangster - September
Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas - October
Cutting Teeth - September
Toxic...A Titillating Tale - September
The Heat Will Kill You First - September
My Friend Anne Frank - September
Do I Know You? - September
The Tangled Web - September
The Love Script - September
The Fraud - September
At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities - September
Bitch: The Beginning... - September
Who Cries for the Lost - September
Overcoming Every Problem - September
Goodbye to Clocks Ticking - September
Family Lore - September
Murder at an Irish Bakery - September
The Art of Desire - September
The Invisible Hour - September
The Addict - September
City Under One Roof - September
The Carnivale of Curiousities - September
Dark Corners - October
Breakaway - September
The Christmas Quilt - September
The Birth of a Gangster Part 2: Unwired - September
Blessing of the Lost Girls - October
Gone Tonight - September
The Trade Off - October
Beyond These War Torn Lands - September
Dead Mountain - October
Pay the Price - September
Birder she Wrote - September
In A Quiet Town - October
The Wish List - September
The Bone Hacker - September
Backstory - September
Wreck the Halls - October
The Intern - October
Hello Stranger - September
Cold Pursuit - September
Dead Fall - September
A Beautiful Rival - September
Brown Boy - September
Dead Man
On the Way to Christmas - September
After Death - September
Cancer Overcomers - September
The Starlet Spy - September
Two to Tango - September
Maybe Not - September
Mother of the Bride Murder - September
The Happiness Plan - September
Sugar Babies - September
Mother of Bride Murder - September
Hidden Away at Promise Lodge - September
Famous in a Small Town - September
Things We Left Behind - September
Nothing But the Tooth - September
Complete Flags of the World - September
Happiness - September
My Darling Girl - October
The Beautiful Risk - October
Deadly Divorce: A Titillating Tale - September
Happiness Falls - September
Second Act - October
When the Rain Ends - September
Black Women
Seven Girls - September
The Book of Charlie - September
Out of Nowhere - October
The Wedding Gift - September
A Killer in the Famil - September
Blood and Games - September
Jackie - September
Pink Lemonade Cake Murder - September
Carl Weber
Judgement Prey - October
After That Night - September