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New Books

Dog Friendly (Large Print)- September
The Ninth Month- September
The Hunt-September
Babysitter- September
Snowstorm in August-September
An Affair at Stonecliffe- September
Wildflower Season- September
The House on Blueberry Lane- September
The Honeymoon Cottage (Large Print)- September
Chrysalis (Large Print)- September
The Best is Yet to Come (Large Print)- September
What She Found- September
The Blame Game- September
The Locked Room- September
Girl, Forgotten- September
Portrait of an Unknown Woman- September
Red Flags- September
Remember Love- September
Chrysalis- September
White Lies- September
Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder- September
Black Hamptons- September
The Lost Girls of Willowbrook- September
The Wild Hunt- September
Not My First Rodeo- September
Lost and Found in Paris (Large Print)- September
Sugar and Salt- September
The Family Remains- September
ASVAB Prep Plus 2022-2023- September
To Catch a Raven- September
Tori and Jace Trapped in His Love - September
Romeo and Juliet of the Projects - September
Trap Queen - September
Sparring Partners - September
Hatchet Island - September
Murder, She Wrote: Debonair in Death - September
Goodbye Again - September
Fool Me Once - September
Layla - September
Midnight Dunes - September
Overkill - September
Rules of Engagement - September
Back to the Garden - September
Desperation in Death - September
Disturbing the Peace - September
Out of the Clear Blue Sky - September
Fighting Cowman - September
Sunburst - September
Sold on Love - September
Long Way Home - September
No Ordinary Dog - September
Forever Boy - September
Where the Drowned Girls Go - September
Playing Possum - September
Deception (Large Print)- September
Death By Bubble Tea (Large Print)- September
Marriage can be Mischief (Large Print)- September
Wilderness Wife (Large Print)- September
Desperation in Death (Large Print)- September
FairyTale (Large Print)- September
A Feather on the Water (Large Print)- September
Persian Blue Puzzle (Large Print)- September
The Girl from Guernica (Large Print)- September
Hellburner (Large Print)- September
Fallout (Large Print)- September
The Rising Tide (Large Print)- September
Where Wild Peaches Grow- September
Quicksand (Large Print)- September
A Song of Comfortable Chairs (Large Print)- September
Secrets (Large Print)- September
The Make-Up Test- October
Walking in my Joy in these Streets- October
Lucy by the Sea- October
Drunk on Love- October
The Other Guest- October
Aphrodite and the Duke- October
The Two Lives of Sara- October
Dreamland- October
Treasure State- October
Live Wire- October
The Winners- October
Blow Back- October
Oath of Loyalty- October
Captive- October
Fairy Tale- October
The Mystery of the Sorrowful Maiden (Large Print)- October
Blow Back (Large Print)- October
The Ninth Month (Large Print)- October
Finlay Donovan Knocks
Married in Texas- October
Aftermath- October
Clause of Death (Large Print)- October
The Challenge (Large Print)- October