The Pizza Mystery - May
Jackie Robinson - May
Joe Biden - May
Wings of Fire: The Poison Jungle - May
Germs Up Close - May
Alone - May
Plasticus Maritimus - May
The Fascinating Ocean Book for Kids - May
The World of Ocean Animals: Corals - May
Little Narwhal, Not Alone - May
Kid Scientist: Marine Biologist on a Dive - May
Oona and the Shark - May
Ducks Overboard! - May
My Encyclopedia of Very Important Oceans - May
Owly: Flying Lessons - May
Baby Shark Superhero - May
The World of Ocean Animals: Octopuses - May
Mermaids Rock: The Coral Kingdom - May
Mermaids Rock: The Midnight Realm - May
Oceans of Love - May
Ocean - May
Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery - May
The Global Ocean - May
Ocean Planet - May
What Could That Be? - May
You Never Heard of Willie Mays?! - May
Pirate Queens -May
Mermaids Rock: The Ice Giant - May
Kingdom Keepers - May
Twins - May
Dragon Masters: Bloom of the Flower Dragon - May
Soul Food Sunday - May
Rafa Counts on Papa - May
Baby Shark
Shuri Defender of Wakanda - May
Temple Alley Summer - May
We Are Wolves  - May
Pete the Cat and the Mysterious Smell - May
K is for Kindness - May
The Pirates on the Ship - May
Secret Spy Society: The Case of the Curious Scouts - May
Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valor
Baby Shark - May
The Canyon
Ensnared in the Wolf
Wonder Walkers - May
Watercress - May
Nicky & Vera - May
Home for a While - May
Old Rock (Is Not Boring) - May
Coqui in the City - May
We are Still Here  - May
The Passover Guest - May
One Turtle
This Way, Charlie - May
Shark Quest - May
Baby Shark
The Summer Snow Day - May
Icky, Sticky Slime! - May
Pete the Cat
The Used-To-Be Best Friend - May
Peek-a-Boo Little Dinosaur - May
Becoming Muhammad Ali - May
Ground Zero - May
Magic Tree House: Sunlight on the Snow Leopard - May
Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise - May
Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna - May
Galapagos Penguin or Emperor Penguin - May
The Hair Book - May
Summertime Sleepers - May
The Christmas Mitzvah - May
Never Mess with a Pirate Princess - May
Mell Fell - May
Daddy-Daughter Day - May
Too Bright to See - May
Red, White, and Whole - May
Hide and Seeker - May
Consider the Octopus - May
Classified - May
Animal Homes - May
The Great Stink - May
The Legend of Capitan Calavera - May
Unstoppable - May
Together We Ride - May
This Book is Not For You - May
The People
The Sky-Blue Bench - May
Yoshi and the Ocean - May
The Zoo Switcheroo - June
The Great Escape - June
Owly: Flying Lessons - June
Warriors: The Silent Thaw - June
Adding Apples - June
Shapes Everywhere - June
Llama Llama Back to School - June
Baby Shark...The Big Adventure - June
Sun in my Tummy - June
Dark Waters - June
Dress Coded - June
The Brave - June
Finding Junie Kim - June
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow - June
The Adventures of Robin Hood - June
Unmasking the Science of Superpowers! - June
Mr. Darcy - June
While I
Flip Flop to the Beach We Go - June
Warriors: The Place of No Stars - June
Diving Deep - June
The Pout-Pout Fish and the Worry-Worry Whale - June
Look What I Found at the Beach - June
Cat Kid: Comic Club on Purpose - June