Empty Vows - April
A Safe House - April
A Relative Murder - April
The Recovery Agent - April
Fear Thy Neighbor - April
Afraid - April
Nobody Tells You - April
The Family Plot - April
Night Road - April
The Paris Apartment - April
What Happened to the Bennetts - April
The Summer Getaway (Large Print) - April
Shadows Reel (Large Print) - April
Savage Road (Large Print) - April
The Golden Couple (Large Print) - April
A Reckless Match (Large Print) - April
Must Love Books (Large Print) - April
Never Fall for Your Fiancée (Large Print) - April
The Coldest Case (Large Print) - April
Caramel Pecan Roll Murder (Large Print) - April
The Shop on Royal Street - April
Welcome to the School by the Sea - April
A Relative Murder - April
The Missing Piece - April
Fear Thy Neighbor - April
The Recovery Agent - April
The Chase (Large Print) - April
The Darkest Place (Large Print) - April
Home/Land (Large Print) - April
Dark Night (Large Print) - April
The Violent Storm (Large Print) - April
Listening Still (Large Print) - April
The Nazis Knew My Name (Large Print) - April
The Jackal (Large Print) - April
The Silent Sisters (Large Print) - April
Deadly Connection (Large Print) - April
Ice Cold Blue (Large Print) - April
Meet Me in the Margins (Large Print) - April
Not So Innocent Bystanders (Large Print) - April
Afraid (Large Print) - April
A Girl During the War (Large Print) - April
Night Fall (Large Print) - April
The Saints of Swallow Hill (Large Print) - April
Present Danger (Large Print) - April
The Paris Betrayal (Large Print) - April
Memphis - April
The Younger Wife - April
A Family Affair - April
Death of the Black Widow - April
Redemption - April
Blood Sugar - April
Beautiful - April
The Investigation - April
Jill - April
MenuPause - April
Dream Town - April
Crimson Desert (Large Print) - April
Little Bookshop of Murder (Large Print) - April
Showdown Trail (Large Print) - April
Murder at the Mena House (Large Print) - April
All these Ashes (Large Print) - April
The Darkest Place - April
Crimson Summer - April
The Chase - April
High Stakes (Large Print) - April
Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell - April
Street Banditz  - April
Life on Loan - April
The Catch - April
Nine Lives - April
The Diamond Eye - April
The Missing Piece - April
Coach K - April
Miss Pearly
Who Do I Run To? - May
Little Souls - May
Truth, Lies, and Mr. Grey - May
An Honest Lie - May
My Hustler, My Enemy - May
Take My Hand - May
Loving a Girl Like You - May
The Good Left Undone - May
City on Fire - May
The Princess and the Rogue - May
A Family Affair - May
Sister Stardust - May
The Treadstone Transgression - May
Daughter of the Morning Star - May
Give Unto Others - May
Death of the Black Widow - May
What Happened to the Bennetts - May
A Safe House - May
Sandy Hook - May
How to Keep House While Drowning - May
Finding Me - May
The Journals of Alice Walker - May
Phantom Game - May
The Widow Wore Plaid - May
You Can Run - May
Love in the Time of Bertie - May
Kill Him, Again - May
American Odyssey - May
Operation Joktan - May
Flight - May
Carolina Built - May
The Catch - May
Night, Neon - May
Murder on Madison Square - May
Aunt Dimity and the Enchanted Cottage - May
The Wedding Veil - May
Lights Out - May
Blood on the Trail - May
Sea Glass Cottage - May
Border Blood - May
Murder at the Royal Botantic Gardens - May
Death by Chocolate Chip Cupcake - May
When Blood Lies - May
Last Duke Standing - May
A Light Beyond the Trenches - May
The Match - May
22 Seconds (Large Print) - May
Beautiful (Large Print) - May
Murder at Wedgefield Manor - May
Beyond the Wire - May
In Love - May
Apparently There Were Complaints - May
This Time Tomorrow - May