The Hero of Ages (Fantasy)- December
The Wheel of Time: The Shadow Rising (Fantasy)- December
The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger (Fantasy/Horror)- December
A Yuletide Kiss (Large Print)- December
The King of the South 2 (Urban)- December
Dog Days of Summer (Large Print)- January
Honey & Spice (Large Print)- January
Boxing Rings and Cages (Urban)- January
The Bands of Mourning (Fantasy)- December
A New Orleans Virgin & A Hood Millionaire (Urban)- December
The Crime that Binds (Large Print)- January
When I Needed You the Most (Urban)- December
Walking in the Tall Weeds (Large Print)- January
Maybe Now (Large Print)- February
Every Rich Man Deserves a Loyal Wife 2 (Urban)- December
Bark to the Future (Large Print)- December
Demon Copperhead- January
The Joy of Missing Out - January
Damaged - January
Mistworld (Fantasy)- December
One Way to Boot Hill (Large Print)- January
The Hero of This Book- December
A Dangerous Business- December
Quarter to Midnight (Large Print)- January
Stella Maris (Large Print)- December
The Backup Plan (Large Print) - January
Fatal Code (Large Print)- December
Public Enemy #1 (Urban)- January
Exiles- February
Rebel (Large Print)- January
Roll the Wagons (Large Print)- December
Hunting Time (Large Print)- December
Tick Tock- December
Something Fishy (Large Print)- January
Low Key Creepin with a Hood Billionaire 2 (Urban)- December
Fallen (Large Print)- December
Wyoming Homecoming (Large Print)- December
How Snowball Stone Christmas (Large Print)- December
Tick Tock (Large Print)- February
The Wheel of Time: The Great Hunt (Fantasy)- December
The Whittiers (Large Print)- December
A World of Curiosities (Large Print)- December
Hunting Time- December
The Atlas Paradox (Large Print)- December
The Harbor (Large Print)- December
The Plot and the Pendulum (Large Print)- January
The Education of Nevada Duncan - January
The Dangerous Energy (Urban)- February
Hell and Back (Large Print)- January
Forsaken Country (Large Print)- January
Dark Objects (Large Print)- December
A Christmas Memory (Large Print)- December
Around the Way Girls 12 (Urban Fiction)- February
The Wedding Ranch (Large Print)- January
Deer Creek Drive (Large Print)- December
The Choice (Large Print)- December
The Blackout Book Club (Large Print)- January
Wade in the Water- (African American)- February
The Wheel of Time: Winter
Funny Farm (Large Print)- January
Catch Kid Curry (Large Print)- January
The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three (Fantasy/Horror)- December
My Husband
Dark Fall (Large Print)- December
If You Want Something Done (Large Print)- December
The Purple Don (Urban)- December
A World of Curiosities- December
Deadly Pursuit (Large Print)- January
Fake It Till You Bake it (Large Print)- December
W.E.B Griffin: The Devil
When I First Held You- February
Happily Ever Amish (Large Print)- January
The Alloy of Law (Fantasy)- December
The Edge of Summer (Large Print)- January
Such a Beautiful Family- February
Midnight Masquerade (Large Print)- December
The Complete Guide to Reflexology (Non-Fiction)- February
It Starts with Us (Large Print)- December
Every Rich Man Deserves a Loyal Wife (Urban)- December
To Kill a Troubadour (Large Print)- December
A Catered New Year
Coming Home (Large Print)- February
The Last Party- December
Hell Bent- February
Murder was the Case 2 (Urban)- December
Kingpins: The Girls of South Beach - January
Spare- January
City of Fortune- January
A Caribbean Heiress in Paris (Large Print)- December
We Are the Light (Large Print)- December
The Hookup Plan- December
Uncanny Times (Large Print)- January
A Mother Would Know- February
The Wheel of Time: The Dragon Reborn (Fantasy) - December
Dumb (Urban)- January
Prenuptial Agreements- January
Night Shift- December
Shadows of Self (Fantasy)- December
Distant Thunder- December
Elysium Tide (Large Print)- December
The Sword of Shannara (Fantasy)- January
Low Key Creepin with a Hood Billionaire (Urban)- December
The Neighborhood- January
The House of Wolves- January
Dashing Through the Snowbirds (Large Print)- December
Sundown (Large Print)- December
The Christmas Hummingbird (Large Print)- December
Shy- December
The Personal Assistant- January
It Starts With Us - December
Dreamland: The True Tale of America
Taking Down a Boss (Urban)- December
To the Gates of Hell (Large Print)- December
Outfoxed (Large Print)- January
The Kindgoms of Savannah (Large Print)- December
Master Slave Husband Wife (Biography)- February
Mainely Power (Large Print)- December
The Secrets We Share (Large Print)- February
The Wishing Quilt (Large Print)- December
The Villa- January
Bones of Holly (Large Print)- December
The Least of Us- January
The Wishsong of Shannara (Fantasy)- January
The Well of Ascension (Fantasy)- December
Helping Your Anxious Child (Non-Fiction)- February
I Need a Bad Boy in My Life (Urban)- December
The Beginner
Stalking the Dragon (Large Print)- January
Code 6 (Large Print) - January
Scandalized (Large Print)- January
A Christmas Memory- December
A Thug
Monkey Business (Large Print)- December
Argyles and Arsenic (Large Print)-December
The Last Invitation- January
The Devil
The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World (Fantasy)- December
Vigilance (Large Print)- January
Red Winter- January
Some Kind of Hero (Large Print)- December
Racing the Light (Large Print)- December
The Sandcastle Hurricane (Large Print)- January
You Must Remember This- January
The Hidden Prince (Large Print)- January
God Forgives, the Streets Don
Ms. Demeanor- February
An Amish Christmas Star (Large Print)- December
Sweet Success- December
The Furies (Large Print)- December
Astounding Mushrooms- December
The Wishing Quilt- December
Situationship (Large Print)- January
Long Live the Queen (Urban)- December
Love Knows No Bounds II (Urban)- December
The Blackbriar Genesis (Large Print)- December
Red Winter (Large Print)- January
A Hard Day for a Hangover (Large Print)- December
Vanishing Hour (Large Print)- January
Seriously Good Chili Cookbook- January
The Sea Wolves (Large Print)- December
The House at the End of the World- February
What Lies in the Woods- February
Sleep No More (Large Print)- February
Who Do I Run to Now? (Urban Fiction)- February
The Body Keeps Score (Non-Fiction)- February
Night Shift (Large Print)- December
Just the Nicest Couple- January
How to Sell a Haunted House- February
The Second Christmas (Large Print)- December
Deduct It!- January
Love Knows No Bounds III (Urban)- December
The Broken Bow (Large Print)- December
Without a Trace (Large Print) - January
Taking Down a Boss (Urban)- December
A Dangerous Business- December
Shades of Light (Large Print)- December
God Forgives, the Streets Don
When I Needed You the Most 2 (Urban)- December